Dalgety Bay Weather
Dalgety Bay Weather

DBWeather was launched in January 2007 and displays weather conditions for Dalgety Bay, Fife in Scotland.


DBWeather originally launched with the Oregon Scientific WMR-100 weather station.  This was upgraded on the 1st September 2010 to a solar powered Davis Vantage Vue weather station.

The old weather station was starting to show its age and the upgrade has brought many improvements.  This can be seen in the rainfall detection front, which has improved from recording rainfall every 10mm, to every 2mm.  Wind speed and direction are recorded in a swift 2.5 seconds, as opposed to 14 seconds before.  Altogether, these improvements and more all combine to give more accurate weather readings.

Davis Vantage Vue Davis Vantage Vue

The weather station measures all six standard weather parameters, ie: Wind speed and direction; Air temperature and humidity; Pressure and rainfall.  From this, derived readings, such as wind chill, dew point and apparent temperatures can be determined.

This information is wirelessly transmitted from a prominent outside location back to the console, which in turn connects to a computer to be logged and then the data automatically gets uploaded to the DBWeather website.  The website currently updates every five seconds.

The webcam points south west towards the Forth Bridge, a cantilever railway bridge which crosses the Firth of Forth.  Cruise liners frequently dock to the left of the bridge and can be seen from the webcam.  The webcam attracts interest from all over the world and regularly records hundreds, sometimes thousands of hits a day when prestigious ships are in view.

DBWeather Webcam overlooking the Forth Rail Bridge Live weather example

The most popular page on the website is the Live Weather.  This provides real-time, live weather information, as well as archived weather highs and lows for the current month, current year and all time records since January 2007 (see the ‘Records’ button).  Additionally there is a wealth of past and current information displayed in a series of graphs (see the ‘Graph’ button).  Our current weather prediction is shown as an icon at the top right of the live page.

There is a mobile version of the website available to iPod, iPhone and Android devices. Users of these devices can point their browser to dbweather.co.uk/m to view a website optimised for small screens. iPod and iPhone users can then use the 'Add to Home Screen' option to create a quick access link for future visits. Android users can also download a free Android widget from the Android Market. This will keep you well informed of the current weather conditions by refreshing regularly and is visible from your phones home screen.